Lucross Holdings, Inc.

GPS Tracking

Track what’s important to you. We are your solution partner for quality, accurate GPS tracking solutions. Our GPS trackers enable you to efficiently track your fleet and assets enabling you to increase productivity while reducing cost. Silicon Valley Tracker’s devices are designed using the latest in GPS and cellular chipset technology. Whether you need to track your assets, fleet, or loved ones give yourself the peace of mind that our technology will be there with you 24/7.

  • Studies have shown that installing GPS trackers have improved the overall efficiency of your fleet
  • Imagine the ability locate an elderly loved one who has wandered off unknowingly. You can now be alerted enabling you to take immediate action to render aid to that loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s, autism, or other cognitive dis-orders.
  • Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your young children or teenager can always be located

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