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Solar and Energy Storage

California has been doing a great job of producing green energy and particularly with solar. Perhaps California has been doing too well with solar power generation. The California utilities provider are responding to this oversupply situation by adjusting their peak demand charges. The utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission have started to design rates and tariffs to better reflect time-varying pricing, moving away from historic volumetric tier pricing to dynamic, time-of-use (TOU) rates. The result of this new rate and tariff model means that consumers will pay higher rates earlier in the evenings. This rise in utilities costs could significantly impact the profitability of commercial and industrial consumers. The solution to combat against this increase in utilities cost is to combine solar energy storage with solar PV installations.

Combining solar PV installation and solar energy storage for use in commercial and industrial installations can provide public benefits along with potentially tremendous cost savings for the commercial and industrial building owner. Energy can be produced on site using solar PV installations at a much lower cost than the existing utilities providers. This energy can be stored in energy storage systems and released during peak demand charge periods.

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